Yoni Meditation

Meditation on Yoni … from the AUM LOVE TANTRA site of Tantrikas Serena and Marco …

Yoni translates loosely into ‘the many-sources’; ‘origin’; ‘spring’; or ‘fountain’.

The Yoni is a powerful portal to the Divine Consciousness of Love and the mystery of Life.

The Yoni may be meditated upon as a physical manifestation of the spiritual Eye, and the Source of Life.

Loving Yoni as a Goddess, She opens the way for infinite expansions of infinite bliss and pure Love.

The Yoni contains an incredibly complex network of sensitive nerves that help a Devi to be absorbed in many different types of spiritual ecstasy. The clitoris, sacred spot, the outer and inner lips, the muscles of the inner walls, and the cervix all vibrate at high frequencies of creative and sensual Light. The potential for spiritual expansion that exists within the context of the Yoni is explosive and calls for extreme sensitivity as well.

Massaging this area requires an extra level intimacy and fine-tuning. The fluctuations of speed, intensity, motion, and pace that are necessary to offer a Devi an expansive spiritual experience are guided best by complete absorption in soul-consciousness, as in this state we know that whatever we offer is purifying and beneficial. It is also important to remember that profound imprints of sensitive past experiences are stored in the Yoni; a fact we must stay fully present with throughout our interactions. In order to be confident with such a level of intimacy we must first become stable within our Spiritual hearts and exude only the most positive Loving intentions.

When massaging the Yoni, practice without the direct goal of climax, instead focusing on relaxing the entire area. Just as much as ecstatic sensual stimulation is needed, so is slow, peaceful, soothing massage needed. Exploring the interplay between these two types of massage allows us to find balance and expand the depths of our love-play.

Massage all of the muscles in and around the Yoni, and pay particular attention to the sacred spot. It is located on the front wall of the Yoni, and holds a deep memory of sensual experience. Because of this, massage here may be very emotional at first. With time, however, massaging the sacred spot can lead to a profound awakening of pure spiritual sensuality, and the release of divine nectar.

– See more at: http://aumlovetantra.com/meditation-on-yoni/#sthash.1t4ZprJ9.dpuf

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