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What Are All These Colors In TANTRA and What do They Mean? 

Red tantra is the aspect of the tantric path that deals with grounding the Spirit into the body through the awakening of the senses. Though the corrupt ego perceives the senses as objects and exploits their power, the senses are actually Divine in origin and exist to allow higher levels of our consciousness to experience pleasure on the physical plane. When senses are awakened to their Divine origin through spiritual Love, we are able to be present with and truly enjoy the experiences they provide.The senses are awakened through many forms of spiritual discipline that purify energy channels within the body. Though there is heavy focus on the sexual aspect of tantra in many parts of the world, physical union is only recommended once the body, emotions, and mind are cleared of negative material influences and have been trained through practice, to accept the tremendous force of the awakened senses and Kundalini Shakti.

The excitement about the sexual aspect of Tantra comes from obsessive focus on the energy of climax. When the senses are properly awakened, stillness is cultivated through meditation, and conscious life-force control becomes natural, the energy of climax exists at all times, flooding our entire existence with supersensual bliss throughout all of our life experiences.

Here we include practices to inspire the dance of Kundalini in an intimate setting. All of these practices may be done solo or with a partner, in either the context of love-play or still meditation. The idea is to merge our love-play with our meditation, and then merge that with our daily lives. For this reason it is good to incorporate practices from both the Red and White Tantrasections, and in a variety of settings. One of the most important things to remember is to maintain a regulated routine. The main technique  offers is Breath of Love Pranayama, which is recommended to be done twice daily. It serves to generate potent shock-waves of cosmic consciousness, ensuring that our love-play is charged with the pure bliss of divinity, and that everything in our lives, becomes love-play.

*Through all sensual tantric practices, awareness should be kept on balancing sensation with peaceful breathing, and staying  fully present with the flow of Kundalini, constantly directing her energy upwards into the blissful stillness of the crown chakra, where she awakens Divine Love Consciousness.

Therapies practice also include:


Massaging the root (anal stimulation) is a sacred technique that creates a powerful sensitivity to the polarities of the subtle nervous system and tunes us to the deep, primal bliss-flow of Kundalini Devi. It is a method of inducing full-bodied, ecstatic, and spiritually expansive sensations, while re-calibrating the entire Soul body. Also requiring a deep level of trust, it is an intimate method for surrendering to Divinity within the Self, or a partner. It is one of the most powerful ways of directly stimulating the flow of Kundalini in the Sushumna Nadi. It should be practiced with grace, love, appreciation, and with along with a foundation of non-physical spiritual practices as well, to maintain a healthy balance between the senses and the breath.

As it requires an acute awareness of Kundalini flow before it can be truly beneficial, it is considered an advanced technique and is only recommended once cultivation of spiritual energy has given one a clear and constant sensitivity to its flow. If this sensitivity has not been developed through energetic breathing (pranayama) practices and other techniques, one runs the risk of circulating powerful energies up from the root without the ability to move them properly. This could result in negative energies clogging at one or more levels of the energy body. It is also important to remember that the bliss possible through this type of exploration is especially potent, making it easy to get lost in sensation and forget the ultimate source of bliss, our innermost consciousness.

The root of our being, in the lowest chakra, is where we connect to Mother Earth and where Kundalini Shakti is initially stimulated upwards in her dance of spiritual awakening. Tuning in to the root and its surrounding area, we may come to realize that it stores a tremendous amount of tightness, which has built up over time from living in an imbalanced society. This tightness suppresses the joy of Kundalini and spiritual awakening, and keeps us bound to fear based realities which are dependent on the impermanence of physicality to feel alive, rather than the unlimited spirit.

For men (or any transmutation of masculine energy) especially, awakening the root provides the opportunity to exchange fearful and dominant, or aggressive programming, for extreme, ecstatic, full-bodied, multiple cycle, spiritually expansive climaxes in a sensual setting.

In life, we must flow with Love, and as we are collectively embodying the fluidity of the feminine Self, relaxing the root is essential.

The Sacred Spot and Female Ejaculation

Souls in female bodies, like souls in male bodies, are able to release life-force fluid in sensual ecstasy, and are able to have multiple, full-bodied climaxes through stimulation of the Sacred Spot. The Sacred Spot (also known as the G-spot) is an area of sensitive tissue on the front wall of the yoni behind the pubic bone. The sacred spot is usually 1-3 inches into the yoni, towards the stomach. To locate it, curl one finger upwards, inside the yoni, as if motioning “come here.” Feel for subtle ridges or “buttons” and explore the sensations these tiny folds of tissue give. The sacred spot is not just a singular spot, but an area of rich sensual nerves. When in a state of arousal this entire area will become ‘spongy’. Every devi has a unique shape, and exploring the beauty of her form intimately is the best way to become familiar with her body’s needs and what she will derive the most joy from.

The sacred spot can be considered as a powerful chakra that opens when a devi is ready to accelerate her sensual Shakti flow into higher dimensions of creative expression. When stimulated with the proper rhythm and intensity, glands connected to the sacred spot swell with fluid, or amrita, which is released during heights of pleasure. This is known as female ejaculation.

The sacred-spot holds a great amount of sensitive information about a devi’s collective intimate experiences and her reaction to the imbalances on planet Earth. Massaging this spot can lead to the release of profound emotional trauma, as well as a more profound connection to one’s inherent state of pure sensuality. Through practices such as kegel exercises and sensitive loving massage, Devis come into their true sensual potency and gain back the ability to release the nectar of life, the amrita they hold within. Kegels train the body to be able to receive and store the full force of a complete Kundalini orgasm, in which the entire Soulbody is absorbed in ecstasy.

Though it may take time and practice, all women have the ability to release amrita and experience multiple, full-bodied sacred spot climaxes. The process of opening to this experience is one of self-love and Kundalini awakening, and through it, devis come to embrace the freedom of this new level of sensuality and spiritual love.

*One of the most beneficial practices in facilitating female ejaculation and full body convulsing orgasms is Root Training/ Kegel Exercises. Kegels strengthen the area to be able to push out amrita, and also to be able to handle the powerful impact of a full Kundalini climax. Red Tantra consists of many passionate sexual practices. Traditionally the color red connotes femininity, potency, passion and sex. This path can be liberating for the sexually repressed and may hold interest for the sexually obsessed.

Article reproduced; http://aumlovetantra.com/red-tantra/

WHITE TANTRA Some esotericists (with tendencies to oriental esotericism) who traveled in the east investigated the Asian continent and arrived at the conclusion that in Tibet as well as in India, Tantra is the only truly practical school.

Many ashrams exist in the sacred land of the Vedas. They practice and study Yoga within these ashrams; however, the most serious ashrams are exclusively those where the Tantric teaching is abundant.

In the Hindustani markets, studious travelers can find marvelous Tantric books like Kama Kalpa and Kama Sutra. These books are illustrated with splendid photographs related to certain sacred sculptures and bas-reliefs of their temples.

A careful examination of those photographs allows us to collect very interesting information about Tantric Maithuna (Sexual Yoga).

The Tantric type of Hatha Yoga is extraordinary and leads the esotericist to the realization of the Innermost Self. However, Hatha Yoga without Tantra is like a garden without water.

The Hindu esoteric school of Laya Yoga with its famous Laya-Kriya Tantric sadhana is marvelous, by all means, and leads the neophytes to the realization of the Innermost Self.

If Yogananda would have accepted matrimony, it is clear that his Guru would have given him the complete Kriya.

An in depth Tantra exists in Chinese (Ch’an) Buddhism and also in Japanese Zen. It is lamentable that many Orientalists are content with the mere exterior cortex of Buddhism.

The medullar bone of esoteric Buddhism and of Taoism is Tantra, Maithuna (Sexual Yoga).

The Tantric practitioners from secret Tibet and sacred India practice the positive Sexual Yoga; this is to connect the Lingam-Yoni without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis.

The Tantric Gurus of Tibet and Hindustan are very strict. Before the male and female Yogi couple has the right to practice the Tantric Sadhana (a sexual position which is very special for the sexual connection among the Tantric practitioners), they first must become experts in the exercises of Laya-Kriya.

Frankly, we cannot and must not deny that the Kama Kalpa teaches many Tantric sadhanas; however, here we only cite the one in which the male is seated in Padmasana (in the Buddhic style, simply with his legs crossed in the oriental style) and practices the sexual union with his female Yogi.

Thus, the female Yogi initiate has to sit on top of the legs of her male Yogi, and skillfully crosses her legs in such a way that the trunk of her male Yogi is enveloped by them.

An interchange of caresses between the man and the woman is previously required in order to perform the sexual connection of the Lingam-Yoni during this Tantric sadhana, thus the woman finally absorbs the phallus.

This Tantric connubial practice demands an absolute quietude and mental silence in order to avoid the tenebrous intervention of the pluralized “I.”

Strong electromagnetic currents exuberantly flow in those instants of supreme voluptuousness; thus the couple enters into Ecstasy or Samadhi.

A Guru directs this esoteric work; he makes strong magnetic strokes on the coccyx of both man and woman with the purpose of awakening the electronic solar fire, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

This is a system that transmutes the sexual energy into Ojas (Christic force). The couple must restrain the sexual impulse and avoid the ejaculation of the semen.

“The coitus interruptus,” the restrained sexual impulse, makes the sexual energy of the Third Logos to inwardly and upwardly return throughout the canals of Ida and Pingala.

Maithuna originates within the coccyx, close to the Triveni of the microcosmic human being, an extraordinary contact between the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system.

The advent of the fire is the outcome of the contact between the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system.

The Gnostic Tantric sadhana is very simple. During the Tantric act, man and woman practice in the normal or ordinary sexual position; what is important is to withdraw from the sexual act before the spasm in order to avoid the ejaculation of their semen.

I.A.O. is the Tantric mantra of excellence. The letter “I” reminds us of Ignis, the fire. The letter “A” is the aqua, the water. The letter “O” signifies Origum, the Spirit. I. A. O. must be chanted during the practice of Maithuna.

It is very interesting that the sexual gonads are esoterically governed by Uranus, the planet of Aquarius. Uranus was a divine King from primeval Atlantis. Uranus reminds us of Ur-anas, the primordial fire and water. This is equivalent to the establishment of the first luni-solar cult of the androgynous “IO,” in other words, the apparition of the astrological Chaldean; therefore, Uranus, the Asura-maya, the first Atlantean, is factually the first revealer of the sexual mysteries.

One has to descend into the Ninth Sphere (sex) in order to work with the primordial fire and the water, origin of worlds, beasts, human beings and Gods. Every authentic White Initiation begins there.

The advent of the fire is the most extraordinary cosmic event. The fire transforms us radically.

It is worth remembering the chaos of the ancient, sacred fire of Zoroaster, or the Atash-behran of the Parsis, the fire of Hermes, the fire of Helmes of ancient Germans (do not mistake Hermes with Helmes).

Let us remember the flashing lightning of Cybele, the torch of Apollo, the flame of the altar of Pan, the imperishable fire in the Temple of Apollo, and in the Temple of Vesta; the fiery flame in the helmet of Pluto, the shining sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the head of the Gorgons, on the helmet of Pallas, and on the Caduceus of Mercury.

Other representations of the advent of the fire are the Egyptian Ptah-Ra, the Greek Cataibates Zeus (who descended from Heaven to Earth in accordance with Pausanias); likewise, the Pentecostal tongues of fire and the flaming bush of Moses (this is very similar to the burning tunal which brought about the founding of Mexico). Also the column of fire in the Exodus, the imperishable lamp of Abraham. Moreover, the eternal fire of the bottomless abyss or Pleroma, the fulgent vapors of the Oracle of Delphi, the sidereal light of the Rosicrucian-Gnostics, the Akash of the Hindustani adepts, the Astral Light of Eliphas Levi, the aura and fluid of magnetizers, the Od of Reichembach, the psychod and the ectenic force, the thury that is analogous to the highest hypnotic states of Rochas and Ochorowist, the rays of Blondot and many others, like the psychic force of Sergeant Cox, the atmospheric magnetism of some naturists, Galvanism, and in sum, electricity. These examples are nothing more than different names for the unlimited number of manifestations of that mysterious Proteus that has been named the Archaeus of the Greeks.

The ascent of the sacred fire degree by degree through the Sushumna canal is very slow and difficult. Any single ejaculation of the semen is enough in order for the fire to descend one or more spinal vertebrae in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

Jesus the great Kabir said:

The disciple must not allow himself to fall, because the disciple who consents in falling, must fight very hard afterwards in order to recuperate what he has lost.

The Maithuna, Sexual Yoga, Gnostic Tantra, can only be practiced between a man and a woman who are legitimately constituted as spouses.

White Tantra forbids its male adepts and affiliates to practice Maithuna with many women. White Tantra forbids the Gnostic sisters to practice Maithuna with different men. They must only practice Sexual Magic with their own spouse. White Tantra orients around subtle practices and philosophies rather than physical touch and sexual practices. They may be meditations, visualizations, higher chakra concentrations, eye gazing, breath and sound work to build sensual energy without sexual contact.


Reproduced from: This chapter is from The Doomed Aryan Race (1967) by Samael Aun Weor. The print and ebook editions by Glorian Publishing (a non-profit organization) are illustrated to aid your understanding, and include features like a glossary and index.


Pink Tantra embraces both transcendence and sexual Life-force as beautiful and unites half way between them, in the fully incarnational nature of joyous innocence and Pure Love in the Heart. It is a Tantra of Love, Pure Being, Creative Freedom, Playfulness, and Natural Wholeness. This comes by the acceptance of primal innocence in every aspect of our Being, for this is the True Nature of our Core Being that is forever alive in the Divine Essence of all Existence.

Whereas Red Tantra emphasizes making love with a partner, Pink Tantra emphasizes being fully present to the innocent sensations of our body and purifying all energies so our entire body/mind system is open to the Breath of Life — the free flowing Spirit of the Divine. It is a practice of natural purification and liberated awareness that can be done either by yourself or with a partner.

In Pink Tantra two things are acknowledged as being primally pure: The Spirit of the Divine and our innocent biological body with all its sensations. These two then become mirrors which clearly reveal the present state of our soul which unites them. All ways of perceiving, feeling, interpreting, and responding that are not joyously childlike, naturally good, clear sighted, loving and free come from wounds and projections within our soul. Therefore, the goal is to see the projections clearly, detach from them, and wash them out of our body/mind system until we are wide open, innocent and free.

Pink Tantra is utterly joyful and free. It proclaims with great happiness:
“It is Good to Feel Good. And… It is Very Good To Feel Very Good.”

Natural Wholeness and Peace
Feeling good is natural. It is our God-given right to be healthy and happy, for our body has been carefully designed by the Ultimate Creative Intelligence, not as an obstacle to spiritual life, but as an amazingly intelligent gift, a sensitive instrument to interface with this time/space dimension of existence. Though we experience limitation in the body: pain, sickness, and relative blindness to the full spectrum of potential conscious existence, this is actually its purpose. We are spiritual beings here to experience the body’s limitations and gifts and learn all the lessons we can only learn through an embodied experience. How do I know that? Because that is what is happening.

Bringing our body, mind and spirit into harmonious health and natural peace in the wisdom and freedom of real Love is the challenge. To do this we must confront and cleanse away destructive, “Pain body” forces. We can make this purification and release process a war, or, if we really trust the goodness of the Maker of all, we can make it a game.

Pink Tantra makes it a playful game. It is built on a belief that it is a spirit of child-like curiosity and play that is the most direct door into a conscious and ongoing experience of the Divine in wholeness, Love and peace. This natural playfulness is Creatively Free, courageous, innovative, transformative, and liberated (at last), from constrictive and divisive fear-based taboos. It is based on the discovery of the nature of real Love in deep respect for all beings and the mystery of their life-journey. Pink Tantra (or in some cases, Violet) embraces both the spiritual and sexual aspects of practice. This is the path where the heart is open and lovemaking is practiced with honor and reverence and healing.

Article reproduced from: http://pinktantra.com

DARK TANTRA – Black tantra is a lesser known sub-division of ancient tantra. Its rather ominous name derives from the fact that black tantra always concludes with orgasm and ejaculation in order to awaken consciousness, whereas tantra and its practices oppose any loss of sexual energy and favour spiritual pursuits (tantra sadhana).

Black tantra is about altering mental reality through a series of techniques, and it involves an advanced form of mental projection. As your tantra teacher will inform you, scriptures such as the ‘Virat Kaula Sutras’ state that the pursuit of orgasmic release can sometimes trigger cravings and suffering. In other words, black tantra may sometimes lead people further away from enlightenment rather than bringing them to it.

To prolong sexual intercourse with the sole objective of enjoying physical pleasure, without regard to achieving higher awareness, may lead one astray. The proper role of this offshoot of the ancient art is to help those who have fallen in this trap by engaging their subconscious creative power, which can be accessed during sexual arousal and eventually lead them to tantric ‘samadhi’.

Some people erroneously consider the sexual side of tantra as ‘black tantra’. This is an example of the wide-spread ignorance surrounding the art of tantra, resulting in the general rejection of this esoteric variant as dangerous and unusable.

The art of tantra, which has been passed down from one tantra teacher to another in the ‘hands-on’ oral tradition, admonishes that we must never use energy to manipulate others. Rather, a practitioner should seek to experience an expansion of his or her higher consciousness, and to recognize the interconnectedness of existence.

Under the tutelage of an accomplished tantra teacher, the student learns to conserve and sublimate sexual energies. This is in stark contrast to black tantra, where the sexual energies are allowed to spill through into orgasm.

‘Rati Rahasyam’ states that tantra awakens consciousness to the absence of our desires, while black tantra awakens consciousness to our inner-most desires. In other words, this path can put one on a slippery slope towards ignorance, as it concludes with orgasm/ejaculation in order to awaken consciousness. However, it must not be seen as an aberrant offshoot of the original discipline. Rather, it worthwhile viewing it as a means to engage in profound love-making rites with deities via meditation. After years of such advanced practice, we begin to experience siddhis or supernatural powers that can help us on our journey to samadhi – or spiritual realization.

What emerges is that the practice of tantra or any of its variants without proper tutelage from a qualified tantra master can lead to much distress. There are no shortcuts, and every variant has its place in the overall scheme of things. However, only an accomplished tantra master can chart the journey for you for optimum spiritual benefit.

Reproduced from: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Acharya_Subhojit_Dasgupta

In Summary

White Tantra is primarily concerned with meditative practices and utilizes the power of sexual energy without the need of sexual physical contact with another. Sexual energy is being either circulated within the individual or transformed between two (or more) individuals on the level of their energy bodies. Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga contains variety of white tantric exercises. Large portion of Tibetan tantric Buddhism translates it’s teachings symbolically (eg during the Kalachakra ritual you are to ingest a mixture of red and white liquid that symbolizes the blood and semen), and integrates it withing solo meditations. White tantric practices would often be sought by Dakhsini Marga (right handed) yogis, wishing to remain celibate.

Red Tantra primarily focuses on sexual practice, the domain of Vama Marga (left handed path). This is an aspects that makes Tantra so attractive to the sexually repressed, spiritually starved western society. While Maithuna (the sexual union) is considered the highest form of tantric practice, it can be easily misinterpreted. The second chakra is a place, where one can get lost. In an attempt to heal sexual repression, red tantric group practices may deteriorate into orgies (often with mind altering substances), where sexual pleasure and self-gratification overshadows the spiritual intent of self-relization. Tantra is a path of enlightenment: sexual liberation is an important pre-requisite, but do not get sold for less.

Pink Tantra would be considered a median, a loving integration of the physical and energetic. Approaching lovemaking from the heart, reverently recognizing and honoring God-Goddess in one another, honoring the physical dimension to reach beyond, surrendering the ego as the beloved disciple of the soul, that’s what pink tantrikas strive for. Ipsalu Tantra falls to this category.

Black Tantra utilizes the subconscious creative power, that can be accessed during sexual arousal. Black magic comes from the third chakra (ruled by ego) and does not have to do much with heart or seeking God.

Using sex magic to manipulate others creates powerful karmic consequences and it’s not recommended as a fast way for enlightenment.  Using orgasmic energy to surrender and become an instrument of the Divine/ allow Divine guidance fully unfold in your life is much more auspicious. Reproduced from: http://www.pinklotuss.com/Tantra.htm

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