What is Tantra?

Here is how I define TANTRA in today’s world: 

Tantra is the collective title that covers a vast range of practical teachings leading to the expansion of human consciousness and the liberation of primal energy (Kundalini). The unifying principle behind the diverse systems of tantra is that the material world and its experiences can be utilised to attain enlightenment.

Many movements today describe tantra as sexual practices promising longer and better orgasms, increased stamina and ecstasy, but this is a shallow and paltry echo of the Tantric Tradition. The real Tantra aims to awaken Kundalini, the dormant potential force in the human personality.

Although there are many branches of Tantra, the practices common to all systems leading to transcendental awakening are mantras (vibrational tuning through sounds), yantras (concentration symbols to liberate the consciousness), chakras (realisation of psychic centres), mandalas (perception of macrocosmos in microcosmos), tapasya (practices of self-purification), Raja Yoga (integral yoga), pranayama (yogic breathing practices), self surrender, shaktipat (transmission of energy) and tantric initiations (a process incorporating all of the above imparted by the qualified master to a deserving disciple).

Tantra advocates a pattern of life which integrates the faculties of the intellect and the heart. The faculties of the intellect are discrimination and concentration, and those of the heart are seeing the unseen, having glimpses of the transcendental or cosmic consciousness beyond the material.

Based on the method and purpose, Tantra in the Western World is popularly defined as:

White Tantra (Focusing on raising the Kundalini energy through breathing, postures and mantras, for purpose of clearing the body’s energy channels and achieving a higher state of being, internal perfection.)

Black Tantra (Various Tantric practices designed to raise the energy and direct it for the magic purposes and power, and uncommon physical feats, controlling others, or effecting one’s own fate.)

Red Tantra (The most well known in the West, because of the West’s obsession with, and the fear of, sex). Breathing techniques, meditation, touch, energy exchange, prolonged ritual coitus and other sexual practices, traditionally done with the goal of clearing the body’s energy channels and achieving higher levels of consciousness, unity with the partner and through him/her the Deity and sacred sexuality. In the West also used for general and sexual healing, to master an open and deep intimacy with partner and oneself, and to experience sex on a whole new level of pleasure, emotion and energy play.)

Whether one is trying to become One in himself, or as a couple, Tantric practice at its height is a truly spiritual/religious experience. This is a kind of ecstatic state not unfamiliar to the West either – from St. Theresa to St. Francis, the ecstatic experience of Oneness with the World/God. For the less religious, Tantra is still a profoundly healing and heart-opening experience.

There are a number of schools and Tantric practitioners who offer learning and hands-on tutoring of White or Red Tantra, either one-on-one, in classes or for couples. Although there is a number of established and respected organizations and individuals trained by them, there are no government regulations, nor accreditation in place specifically for Tantra. Many of the practitioners, however, study in more than one field of wellness and/or sexuality, such as massage therapy, Yoga, counseling, or human sexuality, and are accredited in such fields.

Due to the lack of accreditation and the fact that “Tantra” has become a popular and often misused sales word, it’s difficult to find a good, legitimate Tantric practitioner to work with. Look at the person’s work and educational background, and when you call ask a number of questions about the course or a session, the kind of Tantra practiced, as well as the educational and professional background. (Often, the most blatant “fakes” will not even know the definition of Tantra).

If you are serious about learning Tantric practices, Kundalini Yoga is a great way to prepare. It will introduce you to the conscious breathing and meditation techniques, and prepare your mind and body for the further energy work.


White Tantra Healing and Tantric Healing Yoga are based on an ancient philosophy of health and wellbeing. It offers us a broad spectrum of tools for healing that can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of the whole person. One of these healing tools is meditation.

Tantric Yoga is based on an ancient, multi-dimensional model of the human system, as well as specific teachings regarding the origin of sickness and disease. Chief among the principles underlying the teachings and practices of Tantric Yoga is special emphasis on the role of the mind in the healing process. A peaceful, stable mind, the Tantric Yoga masters asserted, is essential to wellbeing. To achieve this, they developed numerous techniques for calming the mind and harnessing its power for the purpose of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is in this context that we begin to understand the meaning and experience of meditation. In TANTRA, meditation is not only a spiritual practice: it is a powerful healing methodology.

My Tantric Ritual Healing sessions are designed especially for those interested in learning about and experiencing the healing and meditative aspects of TANTRA.

Participants will:

* Understand why and how TANTRA works in the healing process
* Learn the meaning and process of meditation as it is presented in the teachings of Yoga
* Experience different kinds of meditation practices
* Understand why and how meditation works as a healing methodology

Bodily toxicity, unnatural life-style, negative thinking and emotional shock disturb the three bodies: physical, feeling and thought. My Tantric Rituals offer healing for these bodies. Many past participants have found these rituals to be life transforming.

Between the cells of our physical body there is considerable space. This space is pervaded by two invisible bodies just as radio waves pervade the “solid” walls of a room. Ancient Indian teachings call the first invisible body, the subtle body. It is the seat of our feelings. The second invisible body pervades both the physical body and the subtle body. It is called the causal body and is the origin of our thoughts.

The subtle body has seven major spinning wheels of energy (chakras) which obtain most of their energy from the five basic elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akash (Space). Elements and combinations of elements play an essential role in determining how we feel. For example, when Earth is in abundance, we feel solid and grounded. Our confidence is strengthened. When Air is plentiful, we may feel buoyant and more loving.

Under conditions of stress and toxicity, the elements lose some of their purity and potency. They may then have a negative effect on our feelings. A dispersed Earth element may make us feel weak and sluggish. Polluted Air can cause us to feel uncaring.

White Tantra Healing helps people to purify the elements and integrate the three bodies. As a consequence, many people have had the personal experience of strengthening their positive feelings and thoughts.

There will be yoga practices, visualizations and deep tone chanting and also Aarti, an ancient practice which balances the hemispheres of the brain.

An hour of the ritual will be devoted to a speech fast. This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leading to internal silence from which one can be guided from within.

Purification of the physical body inspires the desire to keep the body healthy. Regular exercise and healthy diet become part of our routine. Physical purification sharpens all five senses. I will offer guidance to you on how you can do this in your home.

Purification of the subtle body cleanses our feelings. The emphasis shifts to the subtle body and feelings which may have been buried beneath our awareness. Sometimes, old memories from early childhood emerge. This is part of the purification process. Since all members are there for the same purpose, they provide an unusually supportive environment for each other. We become in touch with our feelings on a deeper level. Relationships evolve creating contentment; competitiveness evaporates. In fact, we truly feel happy when others are succeeding. Helping others becomes a reward in and of itself. As the sounds of chakra tuning and mantras are chanted they act deeply on the subtle body. This supports the purification process and helps to increase sensitivity to sound.

Purification of the causal body purifies our intentions. Interest in abstract thinking naturally emerges. The desire to turn the senses regularly inward occurs. Purified energy from the physical and subtle body is refined enough to penetrate the causal body. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Special sounds which produce surya (golden) akash are chanted. This highly refined akash pushes more dense and toxic akash out of the causal body. Consequently the breathing rate drops and participants feel freer to meditate.



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