Dakini Kathryn Tantra Florida Namaste

Welcome to this Sacred Space  …

After your long day of work or travel, you deserve to indulge yourself  and be pampered!  Submit yourself into the care of a wise, warm, gentle, kind and caring Goddess to melt away your stress!  Sweet indulgence for all of your senses!  Tantra offers a unique blending of ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, teachings and practices to renew, revive and re-ignite all your energies!

Surrender yourself to Tantric Bliss …

The Dakini Kathryn offers you:

  • Highest Quality Holistic Bodywork by a Well Trained Practitioner.
  • Luxurious Pampering that Dissolves All Stress and Leaves You Feeling Energized, Refreshed and Serene.
  • Clear and Simple Techniques to Expand / Extend Your Pleasures in Life.
  • A Sensual Meditation.
  • A Safe Place to Explore all the Many Aspects of Your Erotic Self.

The Dakini Kathryn is a Delightful Luxury Companion, Tantric Teacher, Sensual Healer and Alternative Lifestyle Coach.

Guests invited into her oasis experience the sublimely blissful rituals of White Tantra – in a blending of Tantric energy healing practices with the art of full-body sensual massage in a lush session focused on you!  The Dakini Kathryn is a mature sensuous lady and her training in the sacred intimate arts has been extensive including Bodywork, Massage, Nutrition, Reiki, Breathwork, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

As your personal guide, muse, healer … the Dakini Kathryn creates a safe space for you to be your true self, to be met and mirrored, to surrender with the unfolding of the tender soul’s blossoming, where she offers her authentic self and heart to you.

An invitation to share the Dakini Kathryn’s sacred space will allow you to experience a sublimely blissful experience of time-out-of-time into remembrance of divine time through pranayama, eye-gazing, Kundalini activation, soul-language-vibrations, bliss mantras, sacred sensual massage and more! Through an experiential session fusing ancient arts, you will unwind and relax with Tantric Touch, while holding the intention to heal whatever holds you back from true ecstatic embodiment, and thus allowing yourself to feel interconnected with all nature!

If you are looking for a time of fiery inspiration and spiritual transformation ~ a session fused with passion and high vibrations, then together you will bridge the divide between sensuality and spirituality ~ which is only separated by our collective societal illusion, then you may be assured that you will always receive the benefit of the Dakini Kathryn’s sincere attention, superior training, extensive experience, and genuine caring.


All true seekers are welcome here!

Oṃ vajrayoginī hūṃ phaṭ svāhā !


Dakini Kathryn Central Florida Tantric Healer

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