WHITE TANTRA HEALING is a holistic, healing discipline that offers a broad range of tools for supporting sexual health, healing and personal transformation. White Tantra’s tools can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of the individual throughout the ever-changing stages of his/her life. As a holistic form of healing, White Tantra views the human system as not just the physical body, but as comprised of several dimensions, including the physical body, breath, mind, personality, sexuality and emotions.

The Dakini Kathryn’s practice offers developmental and beneficial sessions that address the needs of the whole person according to the individual’s capability and interest and which specifically seek to empower each guest in their own healing and wellness processes. White Tantra practices prescribed may include:

  • Appropriate physical postures (asana)
  • Breathing practices (pranayama)
  • Meditation (dhyanam)
  • Guided self-inquiry (svadhyaya)
  • Chanting and Sound (mantra)
  • Full Body Sensual Tantric Massage
  • Sacred Bath – Washings & Annointings (abhisheka)

White Tantra engages your unique sources of energy – the chakras – those that empower your spirit as well as your body. With regular practice, you’ll be surprised at how strong, healthy, and fulfilled you feel. In these Tantric Rituals — you will achieve a deep level of peace and relaxation and you will be nurtured and pampered as you surrender into a feeling of pure comfort and well-being. This will be no ordinary experience at all! You will feel as if you are in a blissful trance…


~~ For IndividualsYou will be offered healing/coaching sessions that are customized for you to learn to connect with yourself in a whole new way through Tantric ritual practice, Sensual Full Body Tantric Massage, Breathing, Internal Muscle and Chakra Exercises.  Advanced pupils may receive the Tantric Initiation – Bath Ceremony of Washing and Anointings.

Lay back and experience the rejuvenating, healing power of pleasure and pure relaxation. Surrender into the Dakini Kathryn’s sensuous touch to renew your mind, body and spirit.  Her bodywork is meditative, healing and blissful.  Non-rushed high quality blissful bodywork that will have you feeling like yourself again.

**Individual Sessions are open to Men and Women, and are for a minimum of Ninety Minutes/Two Hours. 

~~ For Couples ~ Exploring True Love, Intimacy, and the Path of Melting Bliss – In addition to the above practices, you will be further guided on how to enhance your relationship, what practices work to inspire and sustain the love connection, creating intimacy, honouring the masculine/feminine within each partner, sensory development, Tantric touch, healing practices and ritual work.  My Couples Sessions are designed to explore giving and receiving and helping you both to experience deeper intimacy and connection both physically and emotionally. The Couples Session focuses on, and caters to, the woman, who sets the pace.

**Couples sessions are for men and women in any relationship – dating/committed/married and are  for a minimum of Three Hours.

Dark Tantrassage

~~ What would it be like to be taken to heights of pleasure while exploring thresholds of extreme sensation?   The Dakini Kathryn now offers DARK TANTRASSAGE™ (Bondage / Massage)  – Are you curious about being restrained and teased? Experience Divine Decadence via a sensory journey and delicious teasing. How much Bliss can you handle?  Are you ready to have time slow down and then slow down even further as you surrender to my loving and exquisite touch? Prepare yourself to experience a journey of supreme sensory Bliss in this unique fusion of Sensual Massage with BDSM in a way that heightens the senses and mental acuity.  As a strong Dominant Sensual Woman, the Dakini Kathryn uses Dark Tantra as a way to teach the male, otherwise so active and domineering, to receive: to lay back and awaken the body to new sensations and an erotic surrender that vanilla life so rarely encourages.  A Dominatrix is not necessarily a woman who carries a whip, but a Goddess who can orchestrate your experience of adventure and pleasure. She goes into the shadow side with eyes wide open.

Often Dark Tantra is an intriguing, peak experience for those who would otherwise never explore anything kinky but always have wanted to. It is based on an ancient practice of releasing energy stored in the body, allowing that energy to flow again. The kink elements allow the imagination to come in and to play in this skillful blending of Tantric Sensual Massage with Bondage and Domination/submission.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi

Are you curious about being restrained and teased? Experience Divine Decadence via a sensory journey and delicious teasing. How much Bliss can you handle?  Are you ready to have time slow down and then slow down even further as you surrender to my loving and exquisite touch? Prepare yourself to experience a journey of supreme sensory Bliss.

**Dark TantrassageSessions are for a minimum of Two Hours.


If you want to experience the full benefits of your time together, come with an open heart and mind and leave expectations behind. Let’s explore the energy together…

The Dakini Kathryn’s Suggested Donations are:

500 Pounds for Ninety Minutes – Dark Tantra / Tantrassage Sessions

1000 Pounds for Two Hour Couples Sessions

Cash Only 

Dakini Kathryn Tantra Orlando Florida


NAMASTE!  All are welcome in our monthly classes wherein you will learn basic Tantric practices and techniques that you can then practice at home to increase your love skills with both yourself and your partner, developing and expanding your potential for a multi-orgasmic life.  We begin each group class with Mantra and Meditation to expand our consciousness, and bring in profound peace and joy.

1.- Tantra Sangha Class for Singles and Couples (Gay / Straight):

Tantra is NOT just for couples! Why wait for a partner when you can begin NOW to heighten your Kundalini (energy), raise your vibration and attract more Love in your life?  

We will raise our creative Shakti energy, open our chakras and expand our awareness through movement, breath and sound. You will experience an expansion of your heart and an opening to bliss/ecstasy.  Then we will practice with eye gazing, connective experiences, non-sexual touch and dance to celebrate the divinity in all of us.

2.- How to Attract a more Conscious Partner:

We all yearn for true love – both men and women!  In this class we will learn to raise our vibration to attract more Love in our Lives. This class is ideal for those who desire to raise the vibrational level of the people who are drawn to them as well as to increase the number of quality people approaching them on a regular basis. We will utilize breath, movement, and guided imagery to raise our Kundalini Energy (sexual/spiritual energy that runs up our spines), balance and harmonize our Chakras and energetically attune ourselves to a greater ability to give and receive Love. People are naturally drawn to those they perceive as sensual, open and loving… learn to fine-tune these aspects of yourself and see how much fun it is to easily draw in the Love of your life.

3.- For the Gentlemen:  Learn The Art of Loving a Woman

In this class for men only, you will learn how to speak to the soul of a woman, honor her deeply and nurture her desire to treat you like a king. We’ll explore how to touch a woman with your presence, arouse her deeply with your sensual touch, and awaken her passion with your gaze. You will also learn techniques to open your heart and connect to her on a sweeter deeper level.

  • Discover hidden erogenous zones to pleasure her more deeply.
  • Expand your ability to transmit greater energy and pleasure through your touch, your tongue, and your love making.
  • Learn how your touch and your presence can heal her past and open her to deeper levels of passion and fulfillment.
  • Explore how to pleasure her sacred G spot to expand her bliss and her ability to have extended multiple orgasms.
  • Experience breathwork that can enable you to love longer and expand your ability to exercise ejaculatory choice.

4.  For the Ladies . . . Awaken your Body Electric!

In this transformational gathering, we will gather together as sister Goddesses to awaken our body’s spiritual and energetic pathways, leading the way to sexual healing, personal empowerment, and spiritual awakening.  Together, we shall:

  • Harmonize and balance your sexual and spiritual chakras.
  • Understand the process of Sexual Healing and let go of shame, blame and guilt.
  • Strengthen the connection between your heart and your Yoni (Sacred Garden).
  • Embrace the multifaceted Goddess that you are.
  • Learn to Love yourself from a place of deep connection to your Divinity.

5.  Tantric Puja Ceremony

Together we shall gather in this Sacred Ceremony which will delight our senses, embrace our passion, honor our Divinity and express our sweet sensuality.

Pujas are celebratory, powerful and Life affirming. We will leave with a warm heart and the deep satisfaction of connectedness to all.

Wear beautiful yet comfortable clothes that reflect your individual style and prepare to be dazzled.  A brief after-party offering fresh fruit and dancing will follow the ceremony.


The cost varies for group gatherings, so inquire by email.