How my Yoni Massage brought Unexpected Healing!

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This is a story of Melissa’s Transformation & Integration through touch-therapy that connects sex, heart and head. Please read and if you like it,  comment & share  so those in need of sexual healing and integration can receive ideas and support.

“As a nearly-45-year-old woman, I used to be frustrated and unable to orgasm.”

” I had been on a quest to find a professional to perform such a massage and give me the healing I yearned for.

Living in Des Moines, Iowa (a not-exactly-progressive town in the heart of the Midwest) I didn’t have many options. When I did an internet search, I only found “seedy” links that looked more like porn sites and massage parlors that were more about a “happy ending” than healing. I talked to friends who had “friends” who were very “talented,” but not exactly trained—if you know what I mean.

Last fall, I traveled to Los Angeles, California. While I was there, I decided it would be a great place to search out the elusive yoni massage.

I expected LA to be the mecca of yoni services, and to a certain extent, it was. That is, if you’re looking for vaginal steaming, reconstructive surgery or other “plastic” services related to the appearance of one’s yoni. But a true, healing, tantric yoni massage was difficult to find.

I searched the internet, Yelp, Facebook nearby places, Trip Advisor and other social media sites to find a reputable place. Finally, after a few hours searching, I connected with Mare….'”  Please read more and comment at Elephant Journal link below:

Published in The Elephant Journal: AUG 2016 – How my Yoni Massage brought Unexpected Healing & Orgasm {Adult}. 

Thank you for sharing and joining the conversation. I would love more people to chat and explore healing touch. If this post touches you; help it get seen by those that need it too.

It illuminates the healing journey from shame and “duty-sex” to the #OMZone = #OrgasmicMagicZone … from #numb-to-yum!

Love xoxox Mare

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