What can White Tantra Healing do for you?

WHITE TANTRA HEALING (WTH) enables you to release stress, anxieties and pains easily and quickly.


1. Lessen the intensity of negativity of whatever you want to clear.

1a. Check how strongly you feel about your issue.

Use a SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) Scale of ‘0’ (not at all) to ’10’ (the worst it could be).

1b. While you alternate tapping on the right and left sides of your body in any way that is comfortable for you:

  •  on your forehead
  •  with crossed arms
  •  on the opposite bicep
  •  on your lap
  •  with your feet on the floor

1c. Focus your mind on your problem with this statement:

“Even though I feel [LIST YOUR FEELINGS, INCLUDING ANY PHYSICAL SENSATIONS] when I think about or when I remember [FILL IN DETAILS]


  • “Even though I’m feeling afraid of [heights/ dogs/ speaking in public/ anything else]”
  • “Even though I feel frustrated and angry at my [parents/ children] when I think about how they don’t listen to me.”
  • “Even though I feel anxious and scared and can’t sleep when I think about [my finances/ my illness/ losing my relationship]”

1d. Add a strongly positive affirmation

Examples of positive statements:

  • “I still love and accept myself, wholly and completely”
  • “I remember how good it felt to have a hug from [NAME OF PERSON]”
  • (or substitute any other strong positives)

1e. Assess your SUDS for how strongly you feel your issues, tracking your progress.

1f. Repeat these steps (1a-1e) until you have completely reduced the intensity of the issue you are working on.

You can use TANTRA to wipe away anything unpleasant that you wish to release.

Negative thoughts, feelings and symptoms rapidly melt away.

1g. It is really helpful to write down the exact words you use.  I urge my guests to use a journal.

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