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Tantra – Mantra and Yantra: a Scientific Study in Creation, Calculation and Consequence

By Dr. Bindu Purohit, M.B.B.S.
Physician and Surgeon
Remedial Astrologer

Eternity is the most coveted stage in the Indian scriptures. Through mystical practice, the process of amalgamation that takes place between an individual, an intermediary source such as Mantra and Yantra, and the Supreme Divine Power can turn that which is mortal into immortal substance and grant us deliverance from age, maladies and death. The ancient spiritual seers of India envisioned a divine Yantra, or divine mystical form, which turned into an elixir of immortality. Since very remote times people have applied the science of Yantra to solve their physical, mental and other material problems. By doing so, they create a level of health in mind and body that are no less precious than this immortal elixir.

Colour, smell, sound and forms have a direct bearing on our mental states. Each of them strikes the mind in its own way and creates a complicated network of wave patterns that are conducive to health and beneficial for the practitioner. Science has discovered infinite energy in the fission of atoms. Mystical strokes on the mental screen can generate energy in a similar way.

The ways of mysticism are strange. They are even stranger for the mystical truth they contain. Mantra is the most significant among the different approaches of mysticism in that it attempts not only to analyze the human mind but also to synthesize it. Mantra Shastra, or ancient Mantric scriptures, describe in every detail how the human mind can be distributed in different directions in order to reunite it into a single whole.

Shastras are called Shruti or “Something that has been passed on through generations as an oral tradition”. An implicit quality of Mantra is that it is a form of knowledge that has to be communicated in spoken words. It can not be written down. The ancients presumed that something gets lost between sound and its inscription. A written script can be analyzed, but the actual force of sound with its articulation, pitch and tone and the specific arrangements of multiple sounds are totally lost as soon as they are scripted.

The Vedas were preserved through oral tradition for thousands of years.  Their documentation was ignored on purpose because the sonic power of the Vedas would be dissociated and therefore lost. The whole calculation would alter with the written word. The ancients understood that if sounds came to be represented by written symbols or alphabets, their finer, subtle sensibilities would be marred. Documentation would render them lifeless. That’s why scripture has always been passed through the ages in the form of Shruti.

Mantra is a word or a phrase propelled with power. It is a methodical set of notes pronounced with a particular pitch, articulation and tone. Its rhythmic incantation sends specific, one-of-a-kind vibrations through the medium of the ether present in the atmosphere. These vibrations gradually affect the different cells of the body. Incantation merges the energy of sound and will power. It is only when the horizontal and the vertical sound waves of the words achieve the same wavelength as those of the juxtaposing energy waves of the body that the Mantra achieves perfection and galvanizes itself. This can be achieved by constant repetition of the Mantra in its characteristic rhythm and tone. If a sound or a word in a Mantra is dislocated or interchanged, the desired effect will not be produced and render the incantation futile. The precision of a Mantra is its only inherent steering force.

It was in order to reflect the wholesome effect of the constant incantation of Mantra on himself that man devised Yantras in the form of temples. The domes in the architecture of our temples are very significant. They are miniature replicas of the sky. The sound of OM is lost under the sky and doesn’t reflect back to the one who produces the sound. A dome, on the contrary, reflects the sound back to the source itself. Constant incantation creates a circle of sound: one emanating from the source and the other reflecting back to it. This encircling effect transports the devotee to an inexplicable spiritual elevation. If the incantation is practiced in solitude, this sonic circle should put a definite end to the thought current. In other words, the turmoil of thoughts subsists only in the absence of the circle of energy round the devotee. The moment the circle is complete, the energy pacifies and channels itself into spiritual power unto the desired goal of the devotee. The domes of the temples, therefore, symbolize a mystical process that has been lost over the years through disuse.

When the scholars of the west visited Indian temples for the first time they considered them unhygienic because of the congestion caused by lack of proper ventilation. Later they were amazed to discover that the devotees sitting in these ‘closed temples’ were among the healthiest people in all of India. This was when they realized that the incantation of a particular sound like OM purifies and purges the atmosphere by striking it regularly with vibrations.

Our seekers of Mantra have been meditating for centuries in closed caves that hardly admit any light or air and yet they have been healthy and content. This is because there are particular utterances that purify and others that defend against disease. For these reasons these sounds have been called Nad Brahma, the highest sublimation of sound.

The Pranav Mantra, or OM, symbolizes the whole universe. The Rigveda, which is the original treatise on Mantra, attached optimum significance to this Pranav Mantra. Maharshi Aurbindo has said, “‘OM’ is the signature of the Lord; with the help of ‘Om’ one can realize the Divine”. Patanjali’s Yoga sutras, in the same strain, proclaim – “Pranav is the spoken symbol of God and thus it has the realization of God and the Universe.”

Nad, or sound, is regarded as a form of Brahma. This signifies that sound is omnipotent and the ultimate energy. Mimansa philosophy established Mantra as a form of God. Each Mantra corresponds to a patron god or goddess. Each Mantra, sound and intonation has a particular articulation that can be revealed through systematic analysis. The ancient visionaries with full knowledge of the power of sounds devised words or phrases that exert tremendous effects. These words and phrases are the original seed Mantras. The scholars and seekers determined through their experience and experimentation the frequencies peculiar to each Mantra and have prescribed the exact number of times a Mantra has to be repeated to create the desired results.

Musical symphonies create soothing effects on the human mind as well as the body. Rhythmic chanting of Mantra vibrates through the medium of the ether in a similar way. Mantras create particular sonic patterns whose waves influence the cells of the body. This impact can reach far beyond local effects. It can even be directed to a person who is thousands of miles away. This phenomenon is similar to a radio that can receive electromagnetic waves from the atmosphere and reproduce sounds that originate thousands of miles away.

Several laboratories in the west have recently undertaken experiments with sound and its possible impact on living systems. Some of these experiments have come up with significant conclusions. For example, one of them demonstrated that plants that normally bear flowers in six months blossom and bloom in two months with the effect of particular sounds. In Russia, the milking of cows has been influenced with certain sounds. Humans may also therefore respond to the impact of sound.

The medical world already makes skillful use of many forms of ultrasound therapy for both diagnosis and treatment. Medical scientists have successfully carried out numerous therapeutic experiments with sounds and musical compositions.

Music has proved to be a miracle cure for many a hopeless medical cause. For example, a 10-year old English girl, Catherine Fisher, fell into a coma after a bicycle accident. In the 12th day of her coma her desperate parents decided to play their little daughter some of her favourite music. They took a. tape recording into her hospital room and played some of the tunes with which she used to dance at her ballet classes. Then, for the first time since her accident, Catherine opened her eyes and smiled.

Doctors explain that areas of the brain that become tired can be revived by the introduction of familiar sounds or voices. Perhaps this is one of the mechanisms that helped young Catherine.

Experiments have been carried out to show the effects of music on sleeping people. When cheerful music is played to the sleeping people, they get up in a cheerful mood. Contrarily, if a person wakes up in the midst of noise or harsh music, s/he will be irritated and indignant in her/his mood. Thirdly, if pathetic music is employed to wake someone up, the person will be found sad in disposition. These three responses from the experimental subject’s point of view have no rhyme or reason. Yet they sufficiently demonstrate the effect of sound on the human mind and thus uphold the concept that sound can affect the cords of the psyche.

Incantation can provide remedies to almost all maladies. In this therapy the body cannot be superior to the conscience or the spirit. If the conscience is pure there is no reason for the body to be diseased. There is no shelter for the maladies.

In a non-medical experiment, Miss Watts Huge of London created a device she called an audiophone that she wrote about in her popular book Voice Figure. The audiophone has a sensitive vibrating membrane that she scatters with particles of different colours. These particles get momentum from the vibrations of the membrane and form different pictures that sometimes look like rivers, serpents, mountains and trees.

Using the same instrument, a Bengali student from India intoned the Bhairavashtak metre for Madam Kinlang of Paris. While the young man was singing, the particles of the audiophone’s membrane galvanized and in a few minutes formed into the patron god of the metre, Kal Bhairav.

The preceding thoughts can help us to understand why Mantra is considered to be all-important in making a Yantra effective. Mantra and Yantra are the two divisions of an ancient sacred science. Mantra interconnects with Yantra, and vice versa. Yantra is a representation of a Mantra in a graphic or other substantial form like an icon. A Mantra’s energy can be preserved in a Yantra as if it is in a battery.

Yantras are usually metallic because metals are good conductors of energy. They are made of gold, silver or bronze sheets that are consecrated and mystified. Yantras are powerful in proportion to their consecration and the mystic powers at the command of their makers. The electromagnetic power created by the incantation of a Mantra is intentionally preserved and discharged through a Yantra. The electromagnetic waves of the Mantra charge the Yantra to produce the requisite energy for the purpose of the Mantra. These waves are directed towards definite directions in order to expand the area of their effects. There have been hundreds of different forms of Mantras that represent the farthest limits of imagination and the deepest human sentiments.

A Yantra is therefore an instrument or tool that directs the functional force of a particular Mantra. Yantras symbolize divine power at its first manifestation. The process of making a Yantra embodies a journey from the minutest form of expression of a Mantra to the definition, description and presentation of its material form.

One of the definitions of Yantra is “machine.” Although many modern machines are based on the philosophy of Yantras, the sacred scriptures of India clearly describe how ancient Yantras were hundreds of times more powerful than our machines of today. Yantras are not inanimate entities like modern machines. They are living sources of mystical energy. Their fabrication and function are different from machines. Yantras have been much more functional and significant than machines to our ancestors, who attached due respect and reverence for them by adopting Yantras as integral parts of their social behaviour.

The purpose of technical machines is physical. Their structure and use further the material gains of the user. Yantras, on the other hand, are infused with mystical powers to become independent entities. They are not considered to be merely material. Yantras are invented with definite purposes. A complicated mystical process goes into mystifying even the metallic materials from which they are made into very special elements. The practitioner attains this stage for these elements through ardent and tedious meditation.

Dr. Alaxander Pavlovich of the department of computer research in Moscow University has stated that he was fascinated by the geometrical charm and sound form of the Shree Yantra. The Shree Yantra is particularly charming if one gazes at it intently for a long time. One can experience an indescribable mesmerism by observing the Shree Yantra, whose sophisticated equations would take even the most modern computer a hundred million operations to calculate.

Yantras are diagrammatic representations of Mantras in the ethereal medium. The incantation of a Mantra produces various vibrations in the atmosphere. These particular sound waves create a source, which is a Yantra. Our ancient practitioners of Yantra perfected this process and employed it for human welfare.

In their operational stage, Yantras relate to the Subconscious mind. As carriers of spiritual power, Yantras affect the human body as well as the environment around it. Our body substance is composed of five natural elements. It is also imprinted with numerous energies from its surroundings. A Yantra is a sketch of the total impact of these energies and their lines of influence impregnated into form. The sound waves of a Mantra create mystical effects on the human mind. A Yantra with its linear sketches and letters also affects the human mind in its own way.

Mantra has formed an essential ingredient of all faiths in one form or another. The most noble purposes and divine attributes have always been ascribed to Mantra. Yet the mere mention of the word “Yantra” conjures up a kind of fear or dread in the society of India today. Our common belief holds that the mystical powers of Yantras are often exercised to destroy human life out of vengeance. Such baseless fears misrepresent the whole Yantric concept by incorrectly labeling it as a destructive art. Scholars and all those who hold this highly spiritual practice in great esteem must combat these misinterpretations and misgivings and campaign to popularize the real significance of Yantras at the same time.

Spiritual Yantras are created with great thought and reasoning. They are undeniably impressive, made expressly to stimulate a special kind of mental activity and evoke psychosomatic force. Highly trained experts can utilize Yantras in ritual as offerings, meditations and rites that can change a person completely and give him or her a new direction in life.

Almost all Yantras available in standard forms have specific purposes assigned to them. Their operations strike corresponding fibres of the human form to activate the desired elements. Incantation and consecrated geometric representation are the central science of the mystical process of Yantra. A Yantra contains the potential to acquire total control over one’s body and can be functional in producing its desired effects through these very specific operations. It is amazing that the processes that were visualized and embodied by our noble ancestors thousand of years ago are still operational and effective with great precision today.

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Orlando, Florida – Tantra with Tantrika D – Dakini Kathryn Highly Recommends . . .

Seeing that Dakini Kathryn is rarely traveling back to her old home in Orlando, she would like to present an opportunity to work with another Goddess in the Orlando area. Kathryn and her have been friends and colleagues for many years after meeting in Florida.

You may remember seeing double massage sessions being offered with her in the past. You may have even been lucky enough to try one of these sessions…perhaps we can offer these again sometime this year.

Tantrika D lives year-round in Orlando. She is located in the downtown Orlando area in a lovely cottage. She trained in Tantra and yoga in India, California, and Asheville. You may find out more about her sessions through her website. Please let her know that Dakini Kathryn referred you.

link image Orlando Tantra massage banner wood picture

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The Question of Loneliness

What does tantra have to say about loneliness?

A participant in a recent workshop asked this question. We were talking about what needed healing in the world and how could tantra help.

Hmm.. tough question.

Rumi describes the official tantric philosophy in his quote:

“Do not feel lonely… The entire universe is within you.”

Sigh… Yes, we understand that. But when we are sitting alone, experiencing the pain of loneliness, this idea/saying/teaching is of little comfort.

So how do we get there? How do we go from where we are now to that wonderful experience that Rumi speaks of?

1) Feeling Connected in the Crowd:

Fusion Tantra: Cafe SceneTantra says that what brings us the most sadness is the illusion of separation.

I am writing this article in a café in downtown Toronto. I am surrounded by strangers – in the café, on the street, in cars, in surrounding buildings. How I experience this is up to me. I can notice how different and separate everyone is from me. I can realize that no one here knows me or cares about me. And I can feel lonely.

Or, I can take a deep breath and truly FEEL all of these people around me. I can sense their humanity. I can notice what we all have in common. I can feel our common connection.

Tantra is about experiencing the divine in this physical world. The same divine energy flows through all of these people. We are the same. And when I slow down and breath deeply, I can feel that.. And suddenly I’m not alone at all.

 2) Find Your TRUE Community:

Fusion Tantra: Camping FunWhen we feel alone, it often coincides with not following (or knowing) our passions. Let’s say that deep down, you love sports, but you are surrounded by bankers. Or that you love theatre, but are surrounded by political activists. You always tend to feel like you’re on the outside looking in.. Unengaged, disconnected.

Tantra is about living life completely. Why would we live any other way? And yet, making a living, raising a family, and a hundred other things can often leave our lives empty of joyful, fun things that we are truly passionate about.

Even finding ONE passion can change everything. First, it makes you happy and excited about living. And second, you will meet others who share this passion. They will feel like kindred spirits.

I love to dance. And when I meet someone who also loves to dance, some part of me deep inside relaxes and smiles and thinks.. “Awesome… you’re like me.. we are part of the same tribe.”

This feeling of connection is part of our design.

3) Consider Living with Others:

Part of the loneliness problem is social, not spiritual. We are naturally social creatures. Yet in our modern society, we tend to isolate ourselves into nuclear families and if we aren’t in a family, we live alone.

For many, the idea of sharing space with others is the last thing that they want – mostly based on bad experiences in the past.

But what if your housemates were kindred spirits? What if you all had the same desire for a balance of privacy and passive community? What if this was possible? The simply proximity to others who care can make all the difference.


Yes. It is completely natural to desire an intimate partner. Intimacy is so beautiful. But of course loneliness with respect to a partner comes in two ways: Either you are alone and wish you had a partner OR you have a partner and you feel even more alone.

Loneliness Within a Relationship: Sometimes you can feel much more loneliness within a relationship than when you are actually single. There are lots of great relationships out there. But many relationships come out of an old paradigm where companionship, sharing a home, and caring for the children are all that matters. True intimacy, deep connection and open communication are not important at all. In these instances, we can feel incredibly lonely since we don’t feel deeply connected to the one person that we are supposed to and we are isolated from experiencing it with anyone else.. And after decades of this, the loneliness can be overwhelming.

If you find yourself in this place, then serious soul-searching is required. To ask yourself “What you truly desire in this life?”… Are you seeking expansiveness? Do you need to speak your truth? Does your relationship need to change? Or has the relationship run its course? These are hard questions that require listening inside to your inner truth as to what the path is so that you can find that connection and fulfillment either within your current relationship or in the next chapter.

Fusion Tantra - Solitary JourneyLoneliness as a Single:  But it is different if you find yourself in the other boat – single and feeling alone. In this case, the question is,“Do you feel complete and happy with or without a partner?” OR“Do you feel that you cannot be happy and content until you find a partner?”

Tantra is fundamentally a solitary journey. Many come to tantra because we desire incredible intimacy and the magical sexual experiences that it promises… But the truth is, if we are not whole ourselves, all the magic will elude us. We must become complete, balanced and happy within ourselves. Tantra is about experiencing the divine within us – WITHIN US!! If we cannot find happiness until we find another, then it isn’t happiness that we are seeking.. We are looking for another to fill a void or a role or a part of us that we don’t want to fill ourselves. But it won’t work. Even if we find someone, eventually we will feel discontent again.. Because the discontent is within us. We must fix this first.

And so, this brings us back to the first 3 points of this article… Feel connected with everyone around you and consider living with others to relieve the angst of feeling alone. Search within yourself to find the passions in your life that truly make you feel alive and that your life is exciting.. This will lead to finding kindred spirits.

These things alone will start to fill in the voids within us. Loneliness is a very contracted state. Tantra is about being expansive.

And as we expand into who we are, we will feel happier, we will gather kindred spirits, we will start to truly love our lives..

And who knows, we might even find love along the way.













Fusion Tantra: Dandelion Sun

IMG_6486About the Author: Katrina Bos has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 10 years… Her greatest AHA moment came when she realized that this was actually our natural ability… That we are designed to be THIS intimate and experience such incredible pleasure!! Her goal is to de-mystify this ancient teaching and share it with everyone!! It is truly how we are made… And we all deserve to feel that kind of pleasure, happiness and connection!! She teaches online courses and workshops around the world in tantra, meditation and spirituality.  Click HERE to read more about Katrina.

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OSHO on Awareness, Femininity, Love, Sex …”Sex Trumps the Donald”

Sex trumps the Donald

Sex trumps the Donald

Donald Trump offers another speech full of lies and distortions to convince American voters that “crooked Hilary” is a “world-class liar.”

Another male chauvinist beating his chest and pumping his fists to persuade a gullible populace, Wilhelm Reich’s “Little Man,” with the usual rhetoric, essentially declaring that I am your man – follow me and we will win. Manipulating what the Nobel laureate, Czeslaw Milosz, called “The Captive Mind” with breathtakingdisregard for the facts.

This is an ancient deception. These bloated male egos have led humanity where exactly? Into millennia of wars and violence rather than peace. Into a world divided by race, by indoctrinated beliefs in the mind and artificial lines on the map. Into competition rather than cooperation. Into destruction rather than creativity. Into the conquest of nature rather understanding that we are part of nature, into the mind over the heart, into logic over love.

Just about everything has been dominated by the masculine view. Whether it is politics, religion, business, the military, the law, the media – men have been running the show, since forever. Not to mention the terrorist organisations, the drug cartels, the mafia, the human trafficking organisations, the individual violent criminals, the rapists…. Hello! Has mass hypnosis made us that unconscious of the obvious?

The female majority has been largely excluded from any influence in the direction of our world. The feminine qualities, whether in men or women, have been denigrated, abused, humiliated – or ignored.

So, what is the end result of all these masculine qualities? A violent, divided world – drowning in displaced, homeless, hungry, poor people – that is close to self-annihilation through global warming or a nuclear winter.

Good try guys! Or, as our favorite male boss might say, “You’re fired.”

Insanity has been defined as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Before we wipe ourselves off the face of the Earth, would anybody be so bold as to suggest doing something different?

Osho explains exactly what and why:

“The long condemnation of feminine qualities has gone deep into the blood and the bones of women. It is man’s conspiracy to prove himself superior to women – which he is not.

“Man is deep down aware of the fact that the woman has something which he does not have. In the first place the woman is attractive to him, she looks beautiful. He falls in love with the woman, the woman becomes almost an addiction to him – and that’s where the trouble arises.

“The feeling of dependence on women, which every man feels, makes him react in such a way that he tries to manage the woman as a slave – spiritually a slave. He’s also afraid because she is beautiful. She is beautiful not only to him – she is beautiful to whomever looks at her, to whomever comes in contact with her. Great jealousy arises in the egoist, male chauvinist mind….

“In India, there are religious scriptures… and they suggest that if you want to have peace in your house, giving a good beating to the woman once in a while is absolutely necessary. She should be kept almost imprisoned. And that’s how she has lived – in different cultures, different countries, but her imprisonment has been almost the same…. Because men condemned woman – and they had to condemn her to keep her in control – they reduced her almost to a subhuman category. What fear must have led man to do this? – because it is sheer paranoia….

“Man continuously compares and finds the woman superior. For example, in making love to a woman, a man is very inferior because he can have only one orgasm at a time while the woman can have at least half a dozen, a chain – multiple orgasms. Man simply feels utterly helpless… so he has tried not to give her even the first orgasm. The taste of the orgasm can create danger for him.

“If the woman knows what orgasm is, she is bound to become aware that the one orgasm is not satisfying; on the contrary, she is more thirsty. But the man is spent. So the most cunning way is not to let the woman know that anything like orgasm exists in the world….

“It seems to be a conspiracy. Vatsyayana, the first man in the history to write about sex energy, to explore it in a scientific way, wrote the first treatise on sexology five thousand years ago – Kamasutras, aphorisms on sex. He has gone into the subject as deeply as possible from all directions… but even Vatsyayana does not mention orgasm. That is simply unbelievable – that a man who inquired so deeply into sex did not come across the fact of orgasm.

“No, my feeling is that he is hiding a fact – and to hide any fact is a crime, because that means you allow the false to continue as if it is the truth. And it is not an ordinary fact concerning chemistry or geography; it is something which is the most important in human life.

“The experience of orgasm not only gives you the ultimate pleasure that the body is capable of, it also gives you the insight that this is not all. It opens a door. It makes you aware that you have been unnecessarily looking outside; your real treasure is within.

“Meditation was discovered by people who had deep orgasmic experiences. Meditation is a byproduct of orgasmic experience. There is no other way to first find meditation…. Orgasm brings you naturally into a state of meditation – time stops, thinking disappears, the ego is no more. You are pure energy. For the first time you understand: you are not the body and you are not the mind; you are something that transcends both – a conscious energy.

“And once you enter into the realm of conscious energy, you start having the most beautiful experiences of life, the lightest, the most colourful, the most poetic, the most creative. They give you fulfilment and contentment on the one hand – as far as the body, the mind, and the world are concerned.

“On the other hand, they create a tremendous, divine discontentment. Because what you have experienced is great, but the very experience of it makes you certain, for no reason at all, that there must be greater experiences ahead. Before you knew anything about orgasm, you had never dreamed about it; now you know it. This is going to become an incentive to seek and search: Is there anything more juicy, more blissful, more psychedelic than any psychedelics can deliver to you?

“This search led man toward meditation.

“It was a simple insight into the orgasmic experience.

“What happens? – time stops, thinking disappears. The feeling of “I” is no more there. There is a feeling of iciness – pure, existential – but there is no ego attached to it. I, me, mine – they have all been left far behind. This gives you the clue for meditation. If you can manage a transcendence of time, a transcendence of mind, you will be entering into an orgasmic space alone – without a woman, without a man.

“To be exactly true, meditation is non-sexual orgasm. But half of humanity has not known orgasm for centuries. And because the woman has not known orgasm, you should not think that man has been in a better position. Not giving orgasm to the woman, he has to lose his own orgasm too….

“The woman’s sexuality is something very great. Man is finished within a few seconds; the woman is not even warmed up. Man is in such a hurry – as if he is doing some duty for which he is paid and wants to finish it quickly….

“The woman was warming up and the man is finished – not that he has attained orgasm; ejaculation is not orgasm. The man turns on his side and goes to sleep. And the woman – not one woman but millions of women are crying tears after men have made love to them because they have been left in a limbo. You have encouraged them and before they can come to a conclusion, you are out of the game….

“In not allowing the woman the first orgasm, the man has to learn to finish as quickly as possible. So the woman has lost something tremendously beautiful, something sacred on the earth – and the man has lost.

“Orgasm is not the only thing in which the woman is powerful. Everywhere in the world the woman lives five years longer than the man; her average age is five years more than the man’s. That means she has more resistance, more stamina. Women are sick less than men. Women, even if they are sick, heal themselves more quickly than men. These are scientific facts.

“One hundred and fifteen boys are born while one hundred girls are born…. By the time they are marriageable… only one hundred boys and one hundred girls will be left. Girls don’t die easily.

“Women don’t commit suicide as much as men; men’s suicide rate is double…. As far as murder is concerned, the difference is vast. Man commits murder almost twenty times more; a woman, very rarely….

“And still, after all these facts established by science, the superstition continues that man is stronger. Only in one thing is he stronger and that is that he has a muscular body. He is a good manual worker.

“Otherwise, on every point he feels – and he has felt for centuries – a deep inferiority complex. To avoid that complex, the only way is to force the woman into an inferior position. And that is the only thing that is more powerful in man: he can force the woman. He is more cruel, he is more violent, and he has forced the woman to accept an idea which is absolutely false: that she is weak.

“And to prove that the woman is weak, he has to condemn all the feminine qualities. He has to say that they are all weak, and all those qualities together make the woman weak.

“In fact, the woman has all the great qualities in her. And whenever a man becomes awakened, he attains to the same qualities which he has been condemning in women. The qualities that are thought to be weak are all the feminine qualities. And it is a strange fact that all the great qualities come into that category. What is left are only the brutal qualities, animal qualities.

“The woman is more loving…. Love has its own strength. For example, to carry a child in the womb for nine months needs strength, stamina, love. No man could manage it. An artificial womb could be placed in man – now scientific technology has come to the point where man could have a plastic womb implanted but I don’t think he could survive nine months! – they are both going to jump into the ocean….

“I don’t think there is any man who can have a pregnancy or who can bring up children. It is the strength of the woman. But it is a different strength. There is one strength which is destructive, there is another strength which is creative. There is one strength which is of hatred and there is another strength which is of love.

“Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity – these are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities.

“Naturally in war, love is of no use, truth is of no use, beauty is of no use, aesthetic sensibility is of no use. In war, you need a heart which is more stony than stones. In war, you need simply hate, anger, a madness to destroy.

“In three thousand years, man has fought five thousand wars. Yes, this is also strength but not worthy of human beings. This is strength derived from our animal inheritance. It belongs to the past, which is gone.

“The feminine qualities belong to the future, which is coming.”

Osho addresses women directly:

“There is no need to feel yourself weak because of your feminine qualities. You should feel grateful to existence that what man has to earn, you have been given by nature as a gift. Man has to learn how to love. Man has to learn how to let the heart be the master and the mind be just an obedient servant. Man has to learn these things. The woman brings these things with her, but we condemn all these qualities as weaknesses….

“The women’s liberation movement has to learn one fundamental thing: that is not to imitate man and not to listen what he says about feminine qualities, the feminine personality. The feminine qualities are clear….

“I don’t mean that someone is superior and someone is inferior. I mean that they are unique. Women are women and men are men; there is no question of comparison. Equality is out of the question. They are not unequal and neither can they be equal. They are unique. Rejoice in your feminine qualities, make a poetry of your feminine qualities. That is your great inheritance from nature….

“And if men and women both can live these qualities, the day is not far away when we can transform this world into a paradise…. Then only can wars disappear. Then only can marriage disappear. Then only can nations disappear. Then only can we have one world: a loving, a peaceful, a silent and beautiful world.

Excerpted from: Osho, Sermons in Stones, Talk #17

By Dr. John Andrews for OSHO Times International.

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