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 The Dakini Kathryn offers you Tantric Sensual Massage and Tantra Healing based upon Tibetan Tantric Buddhist and Taoist healing teachings. It offers a broad range of tools which can be useful in promoting sublimely blissful relaxation, aiding in healing, facilitating spiritual transformation, revitalization and sexual renewal and sexual wellness, through skillful blending of the Tantric arts.  Here you will learn how to awaken, charge, nurture and focus your primal core energy – that which is known as the “Kundalini Energy” which sleeps within you – to serve you and bless your life with radiant health and energy!

Learn how to direct your sexual energy to best serve you and achieve your life’s goals!

These Tantric rituals are holistically healing, soothing, relaxing and energizing –

– a uniquely refined blend of spiritual and sensual elements.

In these Tantric Rituals — you will achieve a deep level of peace and relaxation as you are luxuriously nurtured and pampered to remove your stress and pain and to improve your relationships.

 This will be no ordinary experience at all …  you will feel as if you are in a blissful trance . . .

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DISCLAIMER: The Dakini Kathryn is not an LMT and is not offering a "therapeutic" massage. Her Tantric practice is not intended to replace professional medical care. If you believe that you may suffer from a physical or emotional impairment, seek help from a licensed health care professional. Tantric Healing is not offered in substitution for medical advice or treatment. Her goal is to complement medical care by encouraging healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Best results are obtained by exercising common sense and body awareness in the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, and supplementing it with a healthy diet and lifestyle.